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Success Stories

Psoriasis - Mr. Dhananjay Kokane

I was suffering from psoriasis from last 7 years, totaly frustrated. Constant eatching & skin discularation used to lower my confidence level at work & at home. I got reference of Dr.Vaibhav Inamdar from friend of mine, & Dr. treated me so well. Now I am almost free from the diseases & feeling free to wear half sleeves shirts & shaking hands with clients, co-workers & friends. Thank you Doctor for your kind Support!


Irregular Menses and PCOS - Ms. Rachana

Ayurvediv Treatment & therapies for three monts releived my problem of irregular menses & P.C.O.S. After taking treatment in Ayurved Upchar Kendra my problem of painful acne & unwanted hair on chin was also solved simultaniously. I am very thankful for the same to Mr. & Mrs. Inamdar & Staff of the clinic.


Autism - Mr. Pramila Rajadhyaksh

We went to Dr. Inamdar about 6 months ago, my son was diagnosed moderate to severe Autistic with PDD 1 year ago and the nutrient treatments have changed our lives. Improved speech, social skills, physical function, eye contact, sleeping patterns, sensory feedback have all improved and we have hope that he will make a full recovery with mainstream education by age 6. Thanks a lot!


Diabetes - Mr. Sheetal Pawar

I went to Dr. Vaibhav Inamdar after a friend’s recommendation. I had been diagnosed with diabetes at 32 and battled it for more than 10 years. But after a few months of an ayurvedic medicines I have stopped my insulin. We are proud of you!


Husband's Alcohol Deaddiction - Mr. Smita Pokale

Initially I tried various treatment for my husband alcohol addiction, but none could help me with it. I heard from a friend that Dr. Inamdar might help me with my condition. My experience with them has been good and I am feeling better. My husband is now away from alcohol.


Vitiligo - Mr. Kavita Marathe

I have notice Dr. Vaibhav Inamdar’s Clinic online for Vitiligo Treatment. I have consume the treatment and its shows lots of imporvement on my lips. black spot starting to apper after few weeks of consumptions. now its almost 70% cured. Only 30% more to go. Me and my family strongly recomened Treatments here. Its give back my inner strength to me. Thank you so much Doctor.


Happy with the Treatment - Mr. Pratik Shetty

I’m already two months with the treatment and I have pigmentation results. I am very happy with your treatment. now I am writing to request that you make me the quote to continue treatment for a month. I will be attentive to your answer. Thabk you very much.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Mr. Sachin Tikekar

I was suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome. It was an obstacle in my growth as project manager at a leading company (MNC). Then I came to Dr. Vaibhav Inamdar M.D. Ayurveda and started the therapy. After 2 weeks I became confidant that i will recover soon. Dr Madaan inspired and motivated me to keep faith. I am free from any symptom after 3 month treatment. it has been 1 year and i am doing well at my job. Thanks.


Panchakarma - Mr. Yogesh Mardikar

This was a really great experience for me because I have done Panchakarma in Ayurved Upchar Kendra, but honestly I feel this is the very best Panchakarma because all the staff were really warm and welcome, the therapists were also warm, kind, always full of smiles and they have magic hands, doing the treatments with love. And especially the fantastic Ayurvedic physicians, they explain and are doing the best job. I am back home and in good health. Ayurveda is my life. Thanks a lot!


Nutrition - Vaishali Shelke

I am 35 years old and a mother of two . I approached Dr. Sharvari when I weighed 72kg at 5’2” .5 months of clean eating end now I am 56. I feel like I am in my teens again .Thank you so much !

Nutrition - Suhani Bahirat

I am suhani’s mother Neeta my daughter is 10 years old. She was 72 kg at 5’3” 6 months back . Dr sharvari taught us how to take control of our eating habits .Now Suhani is 62 kg and 5’4” . We are still in the process and she is more confident and bubbly now a days . Really thank you.

Nutrition - Utkarsh Kelkar

I am 35 years old & a patient of diabetes I was taking 26 units of insulin and my sugar levels are for the 1st time in normal range .Now I take 5 units & feeling great .My energy levels are high and I can focus and work much better now . Thank you!

Nutrition - Purna Bharde

I am 61 years old and have struggled with weight gain whole my life . I was 82 kg and was prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs followed the nutrition or Dr. Sharvari Inamdar told me Meanwhile accidently fractured my leg I was afraid to gain all that weight back as was inactive for 6 months. Thank God.. I am still 65kg and haven’t taken any medication for cholesterol .Thank You so much.

Migraine - Mr. Sanjay Shastri

I had been suffering from migraine since my childhood days and depended on painkillers for relief. I have started treatment in Ayur Liver Clinic. Now, I am in the last phase of treatment and feeling greatly relieved. The frequency of headaches, the intensity of pain, dependence on painkillers and pain associated symptoms are highly reduced. I am extremely thankful to the almighty, my family doctor, Dr. Inamdar!


Psoriasis - Mr. Dhaval Shah

Since seven yeras I was having psoriasis throughtout the body and due to severe itching pus was oozing from the skin for which I am taking homeopathic treatment without benefit but Dr. Inamdar cured me within 3 months completely and permanantly. Billion thanks to Doctor. I hereby give my consent to display the above information on the Website of Dr.Inamdar. Thanks!


Exceedingly Helpful - Mr. Pravin Mehta

I appreciate Dr. Inamdar’s skill with a host of complementary health approaches including applied kinesiology with nutritional testing, cranial manipulation, and acupressure. He has been exceedingly helpful in improving my health and the health of my children. Best Luck for your future!


Severe Skin Problem - Mr. Rajan Mandave

I had been suffering from severe Skin Problems. After 3 months treatment i have regained the confidence. Living in the US i have tried so many medicines which have not been as effective as your treatment. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone. God bless Dr. Inamdar.


Psoriasis - Mr. Ranjeet Kulkarni

I was there for a treatment of Psoriasis and the results were excellent. The cleanliness of his clinic is perfect, for a patient like me this is also very helpful for being trustful in the treatment. So it is a place I can gladly recommend.


Relieved from Stress - Mr. Ramesh Singhvi

Words cannot begin to thank you for all that you did for me. You made me feel comfortable & given confidence during a time that was pretty scary for me. You are a great doctor with magic medicine and we are so glad that you were the only the success one to help me back into my life. I really appreciate it your treatment works very much and it is changing and I am relieved from stress.thank you.


Nutrition Treatment - Ms. Shweta Sambhare

Thank you very much Dr. Sharvari Inamdar for the nutrition treatment. I was suffering from obesity. Doctor changed my eating habits which resulted in a weight loss of over 11 KG, Just because of nutrition expert Dr. Sharvari Inamdar.


Weight Gain - Ms. Prapti Sharma

For the longest time, I couldn’t even get up to 45kg. I always had people making fun of me. They would say “are you anorexic, do you even eat?” With the help of Dr. Sharvari Inamdar my weight is gained up to 58kg in 6 months. Now people think I look great. I absolutely love it! Thank you doctor for helping me. Very Best Luck.


Cured My Injury and Wounds - Mr. Anand Tanksale

I came to Ayurved Upchar Kendra to cure my Injury and Wounds. Not only did I achieve these goals, but also learned about the links between my numerous health problems and my Dosha imbalance. Ayurvedic treatments is all about balance and I feel stronger, happier, healthier, calmer and ready to return to the “real world” now that I know I can balance myself. Thanks!


Nutrition - Mr. Samir Ganu

My problem of uric acid levels is resolved and now I can go for trekking without taking any pain killer .I lost 3 inches and 6 kgs which was a bonus ! Thanks.

Nutrition - Gaytari Ganu

I had my gall bladder removed a few years back. Was suffering from post delivery depression and weight gain after my 2nd delivery .I weighed 113kg and my life was a mess. I am going to meet Dr.Sharvari regularly . I am 90 kg now and my pills for mood swing and knee pain are gone !!! I am on my way toward health. Thanks for guiding me.

Nutrition - Khushboo Kelkar

I have had gastric bypass surgery for excessive weight gain I was still gaining weight and my habits were horrible for the first time in my life my weight is my control & I eat healthy. Thank You so much.

Nutrition - Devdatta Bharde

I wanted to do Aasanas which include standing on one hand as I am International Yoga champion .I have problem of asthma & allergy .After consulting with Dr.Sharvari I started weight training and eating right won 1 gold & 1 silver at world championship 2018 (Argentina) My asthma is getting better looking forward to become more strong. Thank You!