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Sports Nutrition

Many people are in vigorous training some are athletes, professional sports person or some train like an athlete so they must have thought that this eating 2 times a day thing is not for good Sports Nutrition. If we eat after long gaps then we might suffer from muscle loss or strength loss or right now .I am eating six meals a day ; this 2 meals a day won’t work for me. How would I survive ? What about my pre workout & post workout meal ?
You all might know that I recommended eating less frequently . you must have wondered about ‘What should be the food frequency for an exercising individual?’ As discussed in ‘fitness advice’ section we know that eating too frequently is the cause of insulin resistance and because of that metabolic disorders occur .
Some people find it very easy to have only two meals a day and some find it somewhat difficult to reach that level . So learning to eat in a beneficial for your health & fitness is a systematic process and with little bit if efforts everyone can learn it. You have to understand that exercising with full stomach is not beneficial for your digestion and it as well as hampers your exercise performance. The best way of exercising is empty stomach .For people who weight train & for people who do run, swim or do gymnastics or any kind of exercise.
People who eat nutrition dens food, do not need to eat for more than 2 times a day . Whoever the athlete , a sportsperson or a regular exercising one ; no one really needs to eat more than 2 times a day. People who are exercising for long period of times & still have metabolic disorders (obesity, high blood glucose, low HDL ,high triglycerides etc) can understand what I am saying . We will look into some examples ; like

  • • I run marathons & ultra marathons, but as soon as my training stops my waistline goes up.
  • • I go for trekking regularly my knees hurt but my tummy still remains there no change in the girth of abdomen.
  • • I am exercising since 5 years I still have thyroid & PCOS .
  • • I play competitive cricket or I am triathlete and I have a pre diabetes.
  • • I am taking blood pressure lowering medications at the age of 30 yrs.
  • • I go for swimming every day & my dance practice goes for 3 hours almost every day still I am fat .why is it so ?
  • • I am into heavy weight training since last 15 years ,but my tummy won’t go it’s still huge.

All these conditions denote that your body capacity to deal & fight with metabolic disorders depends upon insulin receptivity rather than what & how much exercise you do. No one will come & tell you the secret that world’s top level athletes eat only one meal a day.
I change your habits right now today itself .Some people will learn the rights way of eating in 3 months others will need a year or so some will even reach their goal by eating 3 to 4 times a day. I am talking about the basic principle which is beneficial for all .
If you don’t want to be a short term wonder ; if you want to be a black horse then you have to take this basic health principle into consideration And equally important is the content of your food . With the exception of people who want to gain 10-15 kgs of muscle (if they are insulin sensitive ) everyone else will have to learn the correct way of eating.
Don’t be slave to your food. Let the food be the tool for enjoying life & being better version of ourselves!!!!

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