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Pune Clinic : 963 - Sadashiv Peth, Brahman Karyalaya Chawk, Next to Perugate Police Chowki, Pune 411030.
Timing : 9am to 9pm

Mumbai Clinic : Talwalkar Polyclinic, 153 - B,
Hindu Colony, Opp. Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019.
1st & 3rd SUNDAY
Timing : 11am to 4pm

Diabetes Treatment

The hormone in your body responsible for nutrition partitioning is Insulin. You take care of it and it will take good care of you in return. If you are insulin resistant / Pre diabetic or on the verge of being type II diabetic then I guarantee you that conventional dietary guidelines will take you nowhere. You will be prescribed with some medicines, then injectable insulin and then increasing number of units eventually fatigue , obesity, not feeling well all the time, irritability, internal organ damage and much more worse outcomes. There is a definite way of dealing with high blood sugar levels by managing your food and if you are willing to improve your health we are here to help you with that. I will personally explain you what your current condition is and what we are going to do to improve it. I assure you after initial few sessions you will become expert on managing your own health and your blood sugar will be in your own hands.

For Juvenile (childhood) diabetes or for those have Type I diabetes of adult onset the principle of taking care of insulin remains the same. The only fact differs is insulin production inside the body. Uncontrolled highs and lows in blood sugar despite taking care of insulin units and waiting impatiently for blood sugars to come to normal levels is a huge task. And we will help you to take control of your life in your own hands and witness the power of right nutrition yourself.

So if you are having high blood sugar levels, you are pre diabetic, insulin resistant or you are having diabetes ‘Aahar’ will give you the best possible way of dealing with your condition and being healthy again.

Ayurveda Upachar Kendra

We are well-known for our individualized diagnosis and effective results. We have experienced and certified doctors who have a proven record of successfully treating patients with varied disorders and life-threatening conditions. By blending nature with technology, we have developed medicines which are fundamental to smooth and efficient functioning of life.

Under the visionary guidance of Dr. Vaibhav Inamdar, (Founder & Head of Ayurved Upchar Kendra) & Dr. Sharvari Inamdar, We provide medicines of Ayurveda and guidance in nutrition to have healthy body and sound mind of the common man.


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