Welcome to Ayurveda Upachar Kendra

Pune Clinic : 963 - Sadashiv Peth, Brahman Karyalaya Chawk, Next to Perugate Police Chowki, Pune 411030.
Timing : 9am to 9pm

Mumbai Clinic : Talwalkar Polyclinic, 153 - B,
Hindu Colony, Opp. Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019.
1st & 3rd SUNDAY
Timing : 11am to 4pm

9AM to 9PM

020 24461945

Clinic: Pune, Mumbai.

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Ayurveda Upachar Kendra

The Ayurvedic Clinic to all your health problems.

A Holistic Approach towards Treatment:

At Ayurveda Upachar Kendra, Dr. Vaibhav Inamdar believes that each Person is Unique and varies his approach accordingly. He looks deep into your history and lifestyle to understand your physiology, and identifies the root causes behind the problems you’re facing.

Prevention is Better than Cure:

Using Ayurveda, Dr. Vaibhav Inamdar doesn’t just cure diseases. He resolved the root causes inside your bode, resulting in a healthier and fitter you.

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Ayurvedic Treatments

Check out our most popular Ayurvedic Treatments. If you want to see the doctor or have any questions, you can also book an appointment online!

Nutrition & Diet

Our Clinic also specializes in giving diet advice that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle according to your body type. You can also schedule a Skype Call with us from home.

De-Addiction Treatment

Be it Alchohol, Cigarettes, or any other substance - we cure our patients' addictive habits in the most natural way: Ayurvedic Therapy.

A Holistic Approach towards Wellness

6000 Years of Knowledge

Treatments based on ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga blended with Modern Science.

Holistic Treatment

We create a natural and customized holistic program to cure ailments and help you lead a healthy life.

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Nutrition Strategies

We devise a practical and sustainable nutrition strategy to help you improve your health day-by-day.

Continuous Monitoring

Customer Relationship Management programme continuously monitors patient status and satisfaction rate.

Happy Patients

We went to Dr. Inamdar about 6 months ago, my son was diagnosed moderate to severe Autistic with PDD 1 year ago and the nutrient treatments have changed our lives. Improved speech, social skills, physical function, eye contact, sleeping patterns, sensory feedback have all improved and we have hope that he will make a full recovery with mainstream education by age 6. Thanks a lot!

Mr. Pramila Rajadhyaksh

Ayurvediv Treatment & therapies for three monts releived my problem of irregular menses & P.C.O.S. After taking treatment in Ayurved Upchar Kendra my problem of painful acne & unwanted hair on chin was also solved simultaniously. I am very thankful for the same to Mr. & Mrs. Inamdar & Staff of the clinic.

Ms. Rachana

I had been suffering from migraine since my childhood days and depended on painkillers for relief. I have started treatment in Ayur Liver Clinic. Now, I am in the last phase of treatment and feeling greatly relieved. The frequency of headaches, the intensity of pain, dependence on painkillers and pain associated symptoms are highly reduced. I am extremely thankful to the almighty, my family doctor, Dr. Inamdar!

Mr. Sanjay Shastri

I was suffering from psoriasis from last 7 years, totaly frustrated. Constant eatching & skin discularation used to lower my confidence level at work & at home. I got reference of Dr.Vaibhav Inamdar from friend of mine, & Dr. treated me so well. Now I am almost free from the diseases & feeling free to wear half sleeves shirts & shaking hands with clients, co-workers & friends. Thank you Doctor for your kind Support!

Mr. Dhananjay Kokane

Fitness Tips


Ayurveda says, a person whose Dosh, Dhatu, Mal and Agni are in balance is considered a healthy human being.

Food becomes health when you eat happy.

Not having any disease doesn’t mean healthy.

To achieve all four Purusharthas, you must be healthy.

To pursue health is to live the best humanly possible experience.

Health as a state of mental, physical, emotional and social well-being.


According to Ayurveda, any activity that poses a challenge to your body is called exercise. Physical activity is not always exercise.

Try a variety of exercises every week.

Practice Aerobics as Cardiovascular health training.

Don’t stretch your body limits while doing Muscular training.

While walking, aim for 4.5 kms in 45 minutes or under.

Never ignore Stretching exercises for Flexibility.


Insulin is one of the hormones that is very critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining insulin levels in the body is very important.

Insulin regulates the glucose levels in our blood.

One meal in the afternoon and one before sunset is sufficient.

When we eat, the glucose level in our blood rises.

Insulin is released to prevent sugar-damage to our organs.

If food intake is frequent, the body stops recognizing insulin signals.

Eating Frequency

It is always recommended by Ayurvedic specialists to eat only nutritious foods and limit to only two meals in the duration of the day.

Eating more when you’re exercising regularly is not right.

Exercising with a full stomach is not ever recommended.

It is best to do Weights and Cardio on empty stomach.

It is a fact that the world’s best athletes eat only one meal per day.

Always prefer good nutritious over good quantity of food.


Nutrition focuses on how diseases, conditions, and problems can be prevented or reduced with a healthy diet.

Certain diseases and conditions may be caused by dietary factors.

Not all nutrients provide energy but are still important.

This science examines how the body responds to food.

Nutrition affects us physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Nutrition is an important aspect of one's Health.

Featured Products

Here are some of our products (kits) to buy for the holistic cure. The products are completely herbal and have no side effects.

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